SHIC 2017 Overview

SHIC 2017 “Convergence Investment”


The first conference of global hotel & resort investment, development, and operation in Korea, Seoul Hotel Investment Conference – SHIC, was launched successfully in 2016. We are pleased to inform you that the SHIC 2017 will be held from June 14 to 15, 2017.

SHIC 2016 was honored to have a lot of attentions from not only the domestic hotel & resort ownership, investor groups, developers, constructors, advisory groups, hotel operators, but also oversea professionals.

SHIC 2016 has received many positive feedbacks​ from global leading hotel & resort owners, developers and operators, who participated last year and the discussion from Korean market environment and further to China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the region. In addition, the SHIC 2016 was strengthen the actual business networking and discussions with more than 80 seniors, who were actually involved real hotel projects and dealings in the region, as well as global market place.

The main theme of SHIC 2017 is “Convergence Investment” (SHIC 2016; Optimal Investment Choice). We plan to discuss about the convergence of hotel & resort investment issues and leisure, theme park, shopping, medical, IT, entertainment, and etc. in the new investment environment.

SHIC 2017 will offer various programs and sessions about global hotel & resort investment, case study, outlook and Korean hotel & resort investment opportunities, 1:1 business matching program, and invited speakers’ panel discussion. Especially, the qualified program, 1:1 business meeting, which is developed to the significant contribution  during the SHIC 2016, we are looking forward to facing on a new chapter of hotel & resort investment activation with plenty of business opportunities in SHIC 2017.

SHIC is developing to the must-attend-conference, among the hotel ownership, investors, developers, operators of hotel, resort, tourism, and leisure in hospitality industry. Moreover, we would enhance to provide the practical networking and business opportunities, and SHIC would be recognized for ‘A platform of Hotel & Resort Business’ in regard to share the new ideas and trend of hotel industry and helping hand for your business decision making.



  • – Domestic, Regional and International Stakeholders
  • – Real Estate Developers
  • – Hotel Owners
  • – Equity Investors
  • – Bankers
  • – Financiers
  • – Hotel Management Companies
  • – Government Agencies (Tourism, Planning and Investment)
  • – Architects, Designers and Planners
  • – Legal Advisors
  • – Professional Advisors, Consultants and Suppliers

SHIC 2017 Outline

Seoul Hotel Investment Conference 2017
Convergence Investment
14(WED)-15(THU) June, 2017
Conrad Hotel Seoul
HotelAvia, HBA, Seoulodge, HVS

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