Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency

/ Commissioner

MA. Public Policy, DUKE UNIV., USA
MA. Public Administration, SEOUL UNIV.
Economics, YEONSE UNIV.

AUG. 15, 2020 Administrator Of SDIA
JAN, 2020 Deputy Minister For Fiscal Affairs, Ministry Of Economy and Finance (MOEF)
OCT, 2018 Director General Of Budget Office, MOEF
SEPT, 2017 Director General For Public Institution Policy, MOEF
MAR, 2016 Director Of Policy Coordination BUREAU, MOEF
OCT, 2014 Senior Administrative Officer, The Presidential Secretariat
NOV, 2013 Director General For Planning and Coordination, SDIA
APR, 2012 Director Of Cooperatives Act Planning Group
MAR, 2008 Director Of Policy Coordination BUREAU, MOEF

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