Table of Contents

  1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
  2. Range of Personal Information
  3. Maintenance and Disuse of Personal Information
  4. Range of Cookie Use
  5. Security Management for Personal information
  6. Data Usage Policy
  7. Children
  8. Changes and Updates to this Privacy Policy
  9. Responsibility for Security Breach

This “Privacy Policy” explains the collection, use, and disclosure of “personal information” by Seoul
Hotel Investment Conference (SHIC), secretariat office, #406, Hoyoung B/D, 19-4, Gangnam-daero
95 gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 060530, Korea, through the Website that Top Planners,
Co., Ltd. operates at accordance to the Information Network
Promotion Law revised in September 30, 2011 and legislated to prevent the misuse and abuse of
personal information on the Internet, this Privacy Policy also explains our commitment to you with
respect to our use and disclosure of the personal information that Top Planners, Co., Ltd. collects
from its members. That commitment is contained in a “Data Usage Policy,” below. As used in this
policy, “personal information” means information that would allow a party to identify you such as,
for example, your name, address or location or email address. Top Planners, Co., Ltd. collects
membership information in order to provide better services to its users. By accessing as your ID, you are accepting and agreeing to the practices described in this
Privacy Policy.

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect information solely for the purpose of providing services to our members and facilitating
our communication with them. We do not collect or use personal information for any other purposes.
The personal information provided to us by the members makes it possible for us to deliver, based
on it, more useful information selectively.
Emails and Newsletters. We use the personal information you provide to us when you receive our
newsletter in order to respond to your request, to reply to your email or to send you communications
about news and events related to SHIC. When you subscribe to our newsletter, your name and email
address is sent to and stored by SHIC(
Registered Users. When you register to obtain a user account on, you may
be asked to provide personal information to create your account and establish a password and
profile. Providing your email address and/or real name is required. If you do provide your email
address, it will allow us to send you your password if you should forget it. We will also use that
personal information to establish and maintain your membership and provide you with the features
we provide for Registered Users, and for the purpose of contacting you about upcoming news and
events relevant to SHIC.
Any other personal information that we may collect which is not described specifically in this
Privacy Policy will only be collected and used in accordance with the Principles. When the range,
purpose, and use of the information collected by us change, we will make sure to notify our members
and ask for their consent beforehand.

2. Range of Personal Information

Only the minimum amount of information reasonably necessary to provide you with services should
be collected and maintained, and only for so long as reasonably needed or required; This includes
their name, occupational position, e-mail, postal code and address. We may collect personal
information at several places on the Website,

when you subscribe us with your personal information such as by sending an email to us or signing
up to receive a newsletter or our events listing;

when you provide personal information to register to establish a user account on our Website in
connection with your participation in SHIC.

3. Maintenance and Disuse of Personal Information

Information you provide through our Website, or that we gather as a result of your use of our
Website, should not be used for marketing or advertising purposes, nor should it be provided
voluntarily (without your permission) to anyone else unless required. SHIC will continue to maintain
and manage its members’ personal information as long as they continue to receive its services and
retain their membership. However, when a member cancels his or her membership by request for deregistration, all personal information collected by us will be permanently deleted from our database,
ensuring that the opening or use of such information for any purposes is no longer possible.

4. Range of Cookie Use

When our members visit our site and their web browsers ask for cookies, SHIC Website restricts its
use of cookies only to the information that has no potential to invade their privacy, such as browser
version, monitor information, operating system version, and information related to log-in.

5. Security Management for Personal information

SHIC Secretariat has implemented reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to and
unlawful interception or processing of personal information that SHIC Secretariat stores and
controls. However, no website can fully eliminate security risks. We will post a reasonably
prominent notice to the Website if any such security breach occurs. User ID has security risks in
addition to those described above. Among other things, User ID is vulnerable to DNS attacks, and
using ID may increase the risk of phishing.

6. Data Usage Policy

Our Data Usage Policy covers how we maintain and use information about you that is collected by
our Website and server logs, including when you log into a website using your SHIC ID. Non
Personal Browsing Information We Collect. When you use the Website, our servers may collect
information automatically (through, for example, the use of your “IP address”) about your activities
while visiting the Website and information about the browser you are using. In addition, whenever
you use your SHIC ID to log into our Website, our server keep a log of the websites you visit.
No Linking. We do not intentionally link browsing information or information from our server logs
to the personal information you submit to us. We use this information for internal purposes only,
such as to help understand how the Websites are being used, to improve our Website and the features
we provide, and for systems administration purposes.
No Selling or Sharing. Except in the unique situations identified in this Privacy Policy, SHIC
Secretariat does not sell or otherwise voluntarily provide the non personal browsing information we
collect about you or your website usage to third parties.
No Retention. SHIC Secretariat discards non personal browsing information from our server logs
once we have used the information for the limited purposes noted above, under “No Linking.”
Notice. If SHIC Secretariat is required to provide a third party with your non personal browsing
information, then, SHIC Secretariat will use reasonable means to notify you promptly of that event,
unless SHIC Secretariat is prohibited by law from doing so or is otherwise advised not to notify you
on the advice of legal counsel.
Any other non-personal information that we collect which is not described specifically in this
Privacy Policy will only be collected and used in accordance with the Principles.

7. Children

The Website are not directed at children under the age of 14. We will never knowingly request
personal information from anyone under the age of 14 without requiring parental consent. Our
Master Terms of Use specifically prohibit anyone using our Website from submitting any personally
identifiable information about persons under 14 years of age. Any person who provides their
personal information to SHIC Secretariat through the Website represents that they are 14 years of
age or older

8. Changes and Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. When we do, we will also revise the Effective Date
below. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy to stay informed about how we
are protecting the personal information we collect. Your continued use of the Website constitutes
your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates.

9. Responsibility for Security Breach

Members are responsible for the security of the passwords for their membership accounts. SHIC
never asks its members for their passwords, either through mail or any other methods. Under no
circumstances should you ever disclose your password. We ask that you pay particular attention
when you are logged in, in order to ensure that your personal information is not divulged to others.
If you have any concerns or suggestions about our Privacy Policy and management of your personal
information, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives listed below through email or
phone, and we will respond to you as expeditiously as possible.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at