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SHIC 2021 for KRW

  • 등록비에는 식사 및 컨퍼런스 기간 중 진행되는 모든 프로그램 활동에 대한 비용이 포함되어 있습니다.
  • 컨퍼런스 관련 문의사항은 사무국으로 메일( 또는 전화(070-7576-1709)로 연락주시면 자세하게 안내해드리겠습니다.

SHIC 2021 for USD

  • Registration fee includes all sessions – Reception (Day 1), Banquet (Day 2), Lunch (Day 2), Conference proceedings, Gifts, Networking and etc. during session breaks.
  • If you wish to complete your payment on the website, please complete your payment through the bank transfer.
  • If you wish to make your payment through credit card, please complete your payment at the site of the event.
  • If you would have any questions, please contact to SHIC Secretariat via e-mail ( or call to +82-70-7578-1709